Equity Build inc. Jerry Cohen If you are thinking of doing business with Equity Build you need to read this NOW! Marco Island, Florida -

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December 22, 2011, Anonymous
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If you are thinking about doing business with Equity Build you need to read this! Equity Build or Equity Build.com out of Florida has been buying properties in Chicago for the last 5 years. And finally someone is going to investigate them. If you are a private lender you are probably a private lender without much experience. The private lenders they use don’t go back to them and with good reason. Equity Build promises their inexperienced lenders the opportunity of HIGH returns, much more than they are getting in the bank. The reason Equity Build uses these never before private lenders is because no one will give Equity Build any underwriting guidelines. So they can use the borrowers funds to fund Equity Builds original purchase. No other Title company in Chicago will even allow this other than the title company Equity Build uses. That company is City Suburban Title Company out of down town Chicago. It gets much better, the inexperienced lender will never know that the properties have no appraisals at all just someone putting together some comps. And even worse the borrowers that Equity Build finds dumb enough to buy these properties come in with zero down. They borrowers just come in with the fee to pay Equity Build for getting the loan. So with the banking crisis that is going on if any legitimate lender were to lend to these also inexperienced would be investors they would require the Borrower to have bought investment properties in the past and put down at least 35% and not ZERO down. To insure the lender is secure. You see Equity Build doesn’t care about the lender because they can only use the lender once because once the lender loses money they will never lend again. Or like in most cases won’t have the ability seeing they would have lost their investment. Look up a property at 1401 west 109th place in Chicago. The lender and borrower are both screwed. Equity Build lined up a private lender and a inexperienced investor to buy the property. Equity Build used the borrowers funds to purchase the property and then sold it back to them for a HUGE profit. Problem is the property still stands there and is in demolition court. The property has so much wrong with it that it’s best use is to tear it down. The rents never came in for the inexperienced investor and the inexperienced lender will soon have a vacant lot for all the money they put into this project. Below is a link to the ccrd website so you can look up some of the properties Equity Build has been involved with. http://www.ccrd.info/CCRD/controller Remember if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

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June 29, 2018, Darrell
Sorry. EquityBuild Finance. Please post any info. Thanks
June 29, 2018, Darrell
I need current info on this company!!! I have money invested and they are starting to sound shaky. Anyone else have current (June 2018) info on EquitsyBuild Finance??
March 4, 2018, Tom Skiddles
If you plan to invest with EBF, you will want to do your research first. And the first thing that you'll want to do is to check on the property's history that they are selling you for an investment on the Cook County Recorder of Deeds web site. And you can only do that if they give you the correct address of the property, which they don't always do. (1st surprise) If you are able to check the property's history, you'll soon discover that their valuation has no economic basis whatsoever. (2nd surprise) You'll quickly discover that what they've told you is baseless. I could write a short book on this company and I'm surprised that the FTC hasn't closed them down along with involving DOJ and FBI with indictments and prosecutions. Everything the person said above is true but it doesn't cover everything that EB has done. The owners use "Resource Managers" (hired self employed people) so they can have a cushion (plausible deniability) should the Feds come knocking, which they will at some point if not already. I'm a prior client but was able to get my funds and profits returned with a great deal of effort. Why me, who knows. All I know is that I was fortunate. Do not second guess what I'm saying as I have no agenda here except to protect unsophisticated people with money to loan from making an egregious error with their finances. Don't do it. Have you ever heard of Bernie Madoff? This is nothing more than ponzi scheme. Not signing my name doesn't diminish whatsoever what I've had to say here so don't be misguided by attacks that might follow as they would obviously be coming from their contractors, et al. I sleep easily at night sharing this with anyone who reads this. Like I said, if you are still curious in investing with them, ask them for the Property Index Number (PIN) that you can use to search the property's sale history and value. The first thing they'll say is, "we build a relationship on trust. we've sold x millions of dollars in property, blah blah blah." If you insist, they'll ask why you need it and then they'll say, "so you don't believe us? then maybe we aren't a good fit. click." stay away from them. I could give you a number of names that I'm familiar with but there's no need. They are all either ignorant and doing what they have been told to do or they are in on the scam. They too will meet their legal maker at some point.
March 3, 2018, Tom Skiddles
October 10, 2017, tedskandy
2 comments = 1) why are you anonymous here? Have to wonder what your motivation is if not willing to disclose.

2)your weblink is incorrect http://www.ccrd.info/CCRD/controller Do you have the correct link?

December 21, 2015, htam
Equity Build, claims t have lost by "embezzlement" upward of $5.5 million dollars.

How is this possible for a company, that is suppose to have been in business since 1994, and "experts".

The funds apparently ended up in Marco Island, 908 Scott Drive the residents of J H Cohen.

Beware, Beware of Equity Build and the way they do business, by hiding behind cell phones and "no" offices.

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