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November 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

When I decided to change my energy provider, I saw Energy Plus as an option. They offered "competitive rates" that you could only obtain directly from them. When you call, they do not give a rate. They say it's "variable and we can not give you a rate at this time. However we promise that the rates are competitive."
So, I took the bait anyway. I switched and just recently received my first bill. The rate and bill was DOUBLE!! what I paid before I switched. When the company was called about this rate, they offered to lower us to a "business" rate that was still 50% higher than our original supplier. We did not take this rate and asked to cancel them as our supplier immediately.
Needless to say we switched back to our original supplier, but are still very frustrated at being taken on this scam. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT SWITCH TO ENERGY PLUS! Your bills will be higher than you ever imagined. If you happen to live in New York State, there are options to see the electric rates prior to switching.
Please be informed before you switch providers! Do not go through the hassles we did.

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