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Empire Movers Toronto
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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Empire moving of Toronto with are movers with fraudulent practices.

You receive your estimate... but it's not worth the paper it is on.

They request 50% upfront payment,... then request the full balance before the unloading.

The add the following... in my real life case... wanted 150.00 extra per appliance moved, an additional 1 hour for travelling, a 10% sur charge of total bill to cover fuel charges, and an extra 5% because we were using Visa.

After 2 hours of negotiating with their dispatcher... I paid a lower amount... which then they unloaded partially in my house ( First Floor only ) would not bring furniture to second floor / and wanted to leave furniture outside ( sofa, fridge etc ).

Call the police... but because this is a civil matter could not get action... until the time the auslted my wife when she was taking pictures.

Now were are going to fight them in court. Have a police report. Has to pay other movers to finish the job.

These are scammers

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