Emile Bouari Founder Con Artist - wlc.justbecause.info and NXT Revenue

wlc.justbecause.info and NXT Revenue
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June 3, 2013, sam
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

This company is just one of the latest knockoff versons of the three times name changed weight loss programs from the con artist Emile Bouari.(AKA Bouvari) If you look him up on google you will see over 30 complaints throughout all the listed links talking about his fraud. He has single handedly ruined dozens of peoples lives by crashing the Bouari clinic franchise and re-opening under a new name just to make more money. He left behind numerous franchise owners who lost over $200,000 to $300,000 of their life savings. BUYER BEWARE

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June 3, 2013, sam
Yeah.....I have heard of these crazy programs that are just empty bottles of water claiming to be a homeopathic magic formula. The only reason people lose gobs of weight is because they are on 600 to 800 calorie diets!!!!! Rediculous that people STILL fall for this snakeoil trick!

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