Elysa D'Alberto - Perla Group's Telecom Division, Coburg Australia

Perla Group's Telecom Division, Coburg Australia
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March 1, 2018, AnnPrice7
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

We ordered 4 Ku-band VSAT systems (Intellian v60G VSAT System - 60cm Reflector) from Elysa D’Alberto who heads Perla Group International’s Telecom Division out of Coburg Australia. Elysa D’Alberto took our down payment of $47,893 (USD) and never delivered.

We asked for a refund of our deposit and she refused. Elysa D’Alberto said that the company (Perla Group) is having “cash-flow problems” and she cannot return our $47K+. She told me to contact Perla Group’s CEO, a Charles D’Alberto. She would only give me his email, no phone number.

We sent Charles D'Alberto numerous emails and he said the same thing Elysa D’Alberto said about “cash-flow problems”.

Charles D’Alberto said I may be able to get a partial refund of my deposit back in 12 months. What? I filed many complaints with the authorities but I am still out almost $50K!

Stay away from Elysa D’Alberto and Perla Group International from Coburg Australia.

After some research, I found out that Charles D’Alberto and Perla Group International is a known scammer and scam. STAY AWAY!

Here’s their website: http://www.perlagrp.com/

Charles D' Alberto says "Fabricated Lies" – Really Charles?

I suppose all these court documents about Elysa D’Alberto and you are all fabricated lies.




Sorry Charles D’Alberto – you cannot hide the truth.

(Google: “Charles D’Alberto” Scam)

Sorry Elysa D’Alberto - Your days of scamming with the Perla Group are numbered.

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