Elite Resort Services Stephanie Lewis, Timeshare Sellers scam. Scammed me for over $30,000. after telling me there were no up-front fees. Worked wi - Elite Resort Services

Elite Resort Services
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December 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I was contacted by Stephanie Lewis of Elite Resort Services in Aug./10, who said their company was selling luxurious timeshares, like mine, to corporate customers who were buying up many timeshares. They were able to prevent the resorts from raising the maintenance fees so high because they could afford to take them to court to prevent it.

She told me they were brokers, not just listing companies & they worked with Phil Daniels of Direct Escrow Transfers so everything was legitimate. There were NO up-front fees. Elite Resort Services guaranteed the purchase of my property as they were to act as the buyer, before they could transfer to the new buyer.

They stated that there would be no other charges for services rendered & a 5% commission would be invoiced after I received the final proceedings from the sale. She said my timeshare was sold but I had to pay $992.00 to Direct Escrow Services managed by Phil Daniels, for the transfer of ownership agreement which was to be done the day I signed & paid for the transfer, Aug.20/10.

Then they told me I had to wire $5200.00 because my husband had died since the timeshare had been purchased & the money was all going to just one person. Then I had to pay $6900. for taxes to the mexican government. Then I had to pay several years of maintenance fees before Velas Vallarta would agree to the sale. Then Robert Diaz came into the picture. He was supposedly the purchasing agent.

They kept coming up with payments that had to be made to the resort or mexican government & each one was going to be the last or they would cancel the sale & start to recover my money for me but it would take 2 or 3 months before I would get it back & of course my timeshare would not be sold. I have forms signed by Robert Diaz that all of these payments I was making would be returned to me with the funds for the sale of my timeshare.

He said the company wanted to make all those payments but the resort & mexican government would not allow that. It had to come from me. That was the way the Velas Vallarta was trying to prevent me from selling my timeshare.

Then when everything was supposed to be completed, Stephanie told me that Robert's brother was starting a business in the same building, where he would be working on recovering up-front fees that their clients had paid to the timeshare resale scammers.

Stephanie said she had worked hard to get me in on the special they had to start the business. They would cancel the commission I was to pay them if I paid $3,300. for them to recover funds for me. However, they would have to keep the property in my name until some funds were recovered for me. I told her that did not make sense & she got angry that I did not appreciate all the work she had done for me.

Then Robert Diaz came up with more excuses that I had to pay money to the mexican government. He said the resorts, police, legal system & government were all corrupt & it was hard to tell the difference between them & the drug lords. He said he was so dissappointed in them, so their company was going to stop selling timeshares in Mexico but he had to try & pacify them so that my timeshare & 64 others they were working with would get their money as well as the commissions.

He also said they had been doing business for 22 years & this was the worst year for dealing with Mexico. After I sent him the $5900.00 he said the mexican government required for Exess Profit taxes, Robert told me my certified cheque would be sent to me by Fedex on Friday, Dec.3/10.

I sent them a couple of e-mails on Friday afternoon to see if the delivery would be made, but they were undeliverable. I phoned several times & could only leave a message which has not been returned. Guess they were out celebrating that they had destroyed my life!

I did not know how to check if what I was told was true & they kept assuring me that everything would work out. It was the fault of the mexican government for all the expense & delay.

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