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Eliot Management Group
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November 19, 2010, Anonymous
United States

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Eliot Management Group
555 Renton Place Village
Renton, Washington
United States
Phone: 425-289-0200 I worked there for less than 4 months. Every manager I talked with, whether it a District manager or Regional manager, they all have lied to the sales staff and to the customers. they had this "bid tool" to show savings VS your current processor. It is all smoke and mirrors! They can tweek it so it appears you have more savings than you actually do. I have a copy of this on my computer that I will be showing to the authorities under the basis of fraud. My district manager, Gabe Jones is probably the most corrupt manager in the company. He lies to his employees, lies in the face of customers, and I have knowledge he even lied to his superiors. He even, after fraudulently signing up a salon in Seattle, had sex with one of the owners and then when she realized she had been scammed, wanted her and her 8 other stylists to cancel there account. I personally saw the cancellation notice on Gabe's desk. Be very careful with this company and its henchmen. Here is what I wrote the corp office when they wanted my "Exit Survey" Termination Exit Survey for Eliot Management Group
Our records show you are no longer employed by EMG. In our ongoing efforts to improve employee retention, please complete the short survey below to tell us the primary reason why. Response Let go by manager didn't like training didn't like manager wasn't making money Not a good fit for job requirements other - Explain
All of the above!
I encountered nothing but misrepresentation and lies from day 1 by the District Manager, Gabe Jones. I even had the Regional Manager, Joe Basura tell me he would get an answer to me by the time he left that day, and like others he did not come through. He told me he would get me list of current customers to contact and see if we could update there equipment, and did not follow through. Good luck with getting and keeping employees. This by far was the worst organization to be employed by. So I have meet Gabe, Jim, Joe and Dave. No one seems to know what the others are doing. I've seen more people cancel there processing on the daily report than the office submit each week, which makes it obvious your customers have been lied to time and again along with to sales staff. I will pursue the right authorities to share with them the documents and proof I possess of what I see as fraud, lies and misrepresentation. You had an "F" rating with the BBB until recently. Business owners need to know to stay far away from your company!!!

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