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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

We gave Daan Khan from Elevated Management of $4500 to do some production work for us. Never delivered on time. elevatemanagement.com for the past month about a refund we have received no word. The last communication with this Daan Khan from the company said to call the CEO at a cell phone number. The cell phone number went to a voicemail where there was no outgoing message, i.e. "Hi this is Daan leave a message" there was none of that, it rang and went to voicemail. Numerous calls were made and no return call. Calling the company phone it was answered, "Thank you for calling, who are you looking for?" The person on the other line refused to identify himself only until after you say who it is your looking for. These guys, or this one guy operation, is scamming businesses. Let it be known. Karen T.
MTV Productions

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