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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I bought a "skin scrubber/ supersonic machine" 9 months ago... The machine came in good condition but the manual was downloaded from different web pages from different machines and was completly innacurate: no explanations, instructions and functions of the machine,no certification like CE and no electrical specifications.

I called the company and i spoke with someone about this issue, he told me that he was an ingineer and that he was the one who makes these machines . he also told me that as an esthetician i should be capable of operating this device without the help of a manual.

I asked him to explain a function about ultrasonic intensity for the face and the eyes. He gave me information that i kept. Two or three days later, i called him back and a woman answered the phone ,she claimed the complete opposite of what he had told me.

The problem is that because i am not sure of the utility of the ultrasound, i only use the "skin scrubber" that I'm familiar with. A week ago i called them back once more , I asked them the same question and a woman told me to write an e-mail containing my questions regarding the product.

There was no reply from them so i decided to call them back today and asked them if they received my e-mail and why i didn't receive a reply. A woman named Marie picked up the phone and hollered at me saying: " You had this machine for a year it's only now that you realize?" ( which is not true i had it for 9 months )

She was screaming so hard i couldn't even get a moment to talk. She said that my machine was discontinued which is not true because it's still up for sale on their website. She continued her rude behavior by saying that if i want training i have to go on Skype and pay a $150 fee for the training (which is new).

During the conversation she had recognized that I was french because of my accent and she ended the conversation with discriminatory comments and mocked me saying: "Bonjour!"" Bonjour!

I called her back right away telling her that this is now way to treat customers.She continued to scream at me and hung up once more saying: "Bonjour!" "Bonjour!"

In conlusion this company copies machines and is not even capable of sending the proper manuals. The machine i bought from them is not "CE" approved which is very unsafe. These people are uneducated, I have bought machines from different shops and i have never had to deal with such bad quality of service.

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