Economic Freedom Corp TOTAL SCAM>>BEWARE!!! It is a TOTAL LIE & scam> YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY!! Internet - Economic Freedom Corp

Economic Freedom Corp
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November 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This is one of the worst scams EVER!!! You will get a call saying that since you are a customer in good standing of "VISA" you can work at home and earn tons of money, simply by providing names of business owners in your State, along with their contact information. If you ask, you will be told that their outstanding sales people will offer these hardworking people (the biz owners) a 2% merchant rate which is much lower than what most small businesses pay. THey will tell you they close 82% and you will get $500 for each closed deal, paid within 10 days.. >A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beware...if you get one of these calls, tell them "SHAME ON YOU!" and hang up...They ask for $495 for a' license' to join them and $24.95 for a website (that once you see it, it's crap..awful..)...THen you're stuck. You send it your leads and no one calls you..ever..unless you call and yell & scream. Then they put you through to people who say the usual " Sorry, I had no idea' or "Sorry, you were misinformed"..NOnsense. It's all on purpose and they are THIEVES. You cannot get through to the principle of owners of the company and department 'managers' are referred to by 1st name only. You can't get a last speak to people who sound like they are 20 years old who say they have 'no idea' why the 'sales closer' said what they said, but oops...YOU have to cold call and do all the work and good luck then with your hard work and leads (if you get any) because if you ask" how many of my leads have you called? What are the results? WHen are you calling the rest" they tell you how overwhelmed they are and 'be patient' ...sure, until it's too late to get YOUR money back....I will be reporting them to the BBB (which so far rates them a solid "F" if you check; wish I had done that FIRST, but buyer beware now, if yo'ure reading this!). I have notified my credit card company about this dispute and will take it to the Attorney General of AZ if I have to. I work way way too hard at 2 jobs to keep my head afloat to give them..literally HAND OVER my money for NOTHING!! The only people making money are THEMSELVES. PLEASE don't be a victim of Economic Freedom Corp. They are a total sham/scam/ scam.

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