ebay seller topsignedbooks sold fake signed Carrie Fisher books to customers on ebay - ebay

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January 14, 2017, JoelLooper
New York, New York, United States

This criminal up to no good again and back to his own way scamming the uninformed Satr Wars fans of the late Carrie Fisher by signing her signature on her new book to customers on ebay for outrageous high prices. Fans of her that know how she sign her autograph took it to ebay and complain leaving bad feedbacks for this jerk. Somehow this guy able to continue to sell. Everything about this seller is bad news. Stay far far away from this con or you'll be another victim of his scam. Sure, he get some books of unknown authors but the bigger names with the higher resell price are the ones he's forging in his mom's basement. He even set his auction to private mode which is a red flag. This isn't his first time rodeo doing this. He done it before with Bruce Springsteen. For god's sake, he's not in jail yet is troubling. Where is law enforcement protecting the victims in cyber space? Ebay is not stepping up to prevent this from happening in the future because he make a lot of money for ebay. Call your attorney general in your state and request autograph listing to be removed off ebay. That's the only way now to stop topsignedbooks and every other bad guys off ebay for good.

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