EBay Secret Shopper LLC David Scott Sent 2 Postal Money Orders totalling $1,910 ;was told to keep $200 in my bank and wire $ to another person Sant - EBay Secret Shopper

EBay Secret Shopper
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November 10, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Hello. I feel it is my duty to report a scam that I almost fell for. I was recently contacted by a David Scott (among many other alias names given) claiming they are a company called Ebay Secret Shopper LLC company. I was sent 2 P.O. Money Orders to cash with alias false names, one name, Kathy Hazelwood on the postal money orders and one name, Carolynn Andrews from Preferred Collection on the UPS envelope sent to me overnight.. This is the exact replica of the email I received.
EBay Secret Shopper LLC
2123 West industrial Estate
Santa Clara, CA ATTN: This email is to let you know that the funds (United States Postal Money Orders) you will be needing to carry out your first evaluation assignment has been sent to your address ,it will be delivered to your address today via UPS (United Parcel Service). As soon as you confirm the delivery of the funds, it should be taken to your bank to Cash, deduct your commission for the assignment which is $200. You will be left with a balance, which will be to carry out the evaluation assignment at any western union location closest to you. Do not forget that you will have to be observant and email me back with your observations as described earlier in my previous email. VENUE FOR THE ASSIGNMENT ( Closest Western Union Location) Please help us improve our money transfer services. At westernunion.com, we value your opinion. We are asking our customers to help us better understand the needs of western union users. We appreciate your participation in this survey so that we can continue to offer the highest level of customer service. Your opinion matters! Please see below and answer survey here after completing your assignment 1. How fast and Efficient is the Western Union Money Transfer Service? 2. How long does it take you to have the funds wired? 3. How Close is the Western Union Money Transfer Location to your area? 4. Is the Senders Request Form too short or Long? Kindly Advise 5. Is the neighboring environment safe for handling Western Union Money Transfer Service. 6. What is the name of the Local Western Union Money Transfer Agent where you have the funds wired? 7. General Comment .... All this should be kept unknown from the cashier. You will be sending the funds to our other mystery shopper . Note that there would be charges for sending western union, and this would be deducted from the balance.. Here is the information to send the funds..... Name.....Maxine Gonzalez Address....219 Jupiter Street City.........Makati State........Manila Country....Philippines Zip Code .....1004
You are expected to have this done today and email us back your results with the following information after you have the funds wired: 1. Name and Address of Sender... 2. Money Transfer Control Number 3. Amount Wired after deducting your $200 pay and the cost of transfer 4. Make Sure the Funds is been made available in US$$ for the Recipient JOHN OWEN HR MANAGER EBay Secret Shopper LLC ***Please be aware of scammers like this one!!***

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