Drunk Domme in Philadelphia - Mistress Skyler Grey - Mistress Syler Grey / Cynthia

Mistress Syler Grey / Cynthia
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February 10, 2018, kinkman
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Went to see Mistress Skyler what a bad session! At the run down dump that is Destinys Chambers Shes not attractive at all. Very unattractive face and body. Fat and not pretty at all. I came in and she reeked of wisky and had real bad body odor. She was so drunk she couldnt walk in her high heels! She started wailing on me and I kept yelling at her my safeword to stop and she refused! Then she tied me up and took pictures of me and blackmailed me. I had to give her 500 or she was going to send the pix to my wife and employer. Then she beat me harder and laughed when I kept yelling my safeword. I now have permanent injuries and my wife might leave me.

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February 11, 2018, mikey
This sure is Cynthia / Skyler Grey what a drunk. so disgusting

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