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Domina Lexx Envy
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January 21, 2018, 3nvy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I have been dying to see a Mistress for years. I am a young broke college student and saved up my money for my first femdom experience.

I went to the Northeast to a dilapidated house in NE. Domina Lexx Envy does not look like her photos. After looking back at her website, I noticed her front page is not her but some model mayhem photo she stole pretending its her. She is not stunning at all. I had already sent $100 deposit and was h*rny so just paid the rest and went along with it. She calls herself muscular and fit in her ads. Shes skinny fat and flabby.

She reeked of alcohol and her hair looked likes a rats nest. She has brown teeth. During the session, I was tied up and she did ballbusting on me so hard that my balls got a cut on them and infected. Two days later they ballooned to the size of a pomelo fruit.

My first experience was gawd awful. Not sure if I ever want to submit after this horrendous experience.

Complaint comments:

January 26, 2018, dimstar1982
Reminds me of Lady Orien / Robin Bohr. she loves her wisky
January 25, 2018, ballcrusher
This sounds like Mistress Reese / Mistress X / Nerys Dyen. She drinks like a wild horse and can't even ballbust properly!

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