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December 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I had a problem with my eye some time ago, I just had some redness so I figured I might as well get it checked out. I heard some negative things from a few friends of mine but I needed an eye doctor and he took my insurance so I just went. I found his office website through my insurance page. However, he had one name on the website, one name on the street sign and two names on the door and another name to write the check out to.

When I got to the office the staff was nice but when I saw the doctor he talked down to me like a child. He explained NOTHING to me and had somewhat autistic social skills. He was very rough when putting drops in. His office is neat out front but in the exam room it is an absolute train wreck. He left the room in the middle of my exam and I heard him screaming at the staff. He then came back into the exam room chewing food!!!

His frame prices were outrageous! All the frames were over $200.00 and they were old and outdated styles. The only good looking ones were Bebeor Fendi and they were around $500. His office billed my insurance for procedures that he never performed including a visual field and a retinal photography. I did my research and realized that he never actually did those things. He told me he would write a script for some drops and that didn't even work. He told me I had really high pressures and he wanted me to come back every three months. I left his office and decided that I needed to get a second opinion, Dr. Galvin on Greentree Road was awesome! he was so nice and did all the tests that I had researched. He told me my pressures were normal and prescribed me drops that worked immediately. He showed me some really nice bebe frames for under $200 with my prescription included!!

I can't believe my friends are stupid enough to go to Dr. Mellish, all he does is lie to you so that you will come back routinely and he can steal your insurance and copay money. People put faith in doctors because they dont comprehend those aspects of their health. People like this man should be arrested because they take advantage of their position and they don't respect their patients as human beings. I wish I could do more to steer people away from having such a horrible ripoff experience.

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