Donna Milburn needs to be removed from the lists of therapists at courthouse! Plano, Texas - Donna Milburn

Donna Milburn
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November 22, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Donna Milburn needs to be investigated due to her poor work and her destorying families for her own personal agenda. We were involved in a court battle with a couple that trying to adopt our grandson. My son had not terminated his rights and did not want to adopt his son out. During our first meeting with Donna Milburn our experience with her was poor note taking (she wrote for about 5 minutes). Her husband called 3 times during our session and she spoke on the phone with him for several minutes each time.

Very poor listenings skills, if I said something she did not agree with she would roll her eyes at me or say something rude. Very judgemental and biased. She was made aware through my grandsons counslor that he had been abused by the man attempting to adopt him and she did nothing. She is suppose to be unbiased, yet she showed up at court sitting with the couple hugging and rubbing the leg of the woman. She wrote a report on me and my family that was untrue. She tried to make me look crazy saying I hear voices and I see things! She also, said I showed up at her office yelling and screaming at her staff. She made rude comments about my weight and about my children. She was aware that the DA was going to take the man to the grand jury and she still recommended that the couple have custody of my grandchild. She accepted money and vacations from the couple. If you look her up on the internet you will see all the complaints against her and the way she operates. Donna Milburn has destoryed so many families and has no remorse about hurting families or children. I won my case, but she cost us a lot of money and almost destoryed us. She HAS to be removed from the lists of therapists at the courthouse because she causes anymore damage.

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