Domolition of ST. Michael's Cathedral in coimbatore - Diocese of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Diocese of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
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November 27, 2012, Anonymous
Rome, Italy

i wish to bring to your notice the intention of the church authorities to demolish St. Michael's cathedral of coimbatore which is 165 yeas old and build a new one, at the cost of more than 10/12 crores.
i am enclosing the written petition send to the high court and the injunction given by the high court of Chennai:
I am originally from Coimbatore and belong to the cathedral parish. i have been living here in Rome for the past 46 years

St. Michael’s Cathedral is the Cathedral Church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Coimbatore that stands tall as a major landmark in faith and worship. The Cathedral is placed in the centre of the city of Coimbatore and the campus has the magnificent old church and the venue that is vast enough to accommodate a huge gathering.

Historical importance:
Most Rev. Dr. Marion Bresillac was consecrated as the first Bishop of Coimbatore on 4. 10. 1846. In remembrance of his native patron St. Michael, he decided to dedicate the diocese and its Cathedral to St. Michael and so it is the St. Michael’s Cathedral now. He also planned to construct the Cathedral as the replica of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. When the design was planned accordingly, His Lordship laid the foundation stone for the Cathedral in 1850, in Coimbatore. The construction of the Cathedral took 17 long years and it was successfully completed with the help of “Propaganda Fide”, ‘which offered 50,000 franks and it was blessed by Most Rev. Dr. Depomier, the third bishop of Coimbatore on 28th April 1867

I am have also come to know:
Any church more than a hundred years old is a heritage building. It has to be included in the list of heritage buildings by the Local Authority in the case of Madras it is the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority. It must be the Local Planning Authority in the case of Coimbatore headed by the Collector. Once it is in the list of heritage buildings, it can only be conserved/restored according to archaeological principles. V.3.2.3 The Antiquities and Art Treasures Act 1972 : Under this act any object considered to be an antiquity more than 100 years old comes under the purview of registration Act, Government of India.

I do kindly request your intervention as well.
with out any sort of personal interest, i am writting this to you for a social cause..
please help me putting a note in any news papers, forward this mail to people you know who can help in this battle
i shall grately appreciate your advice as well

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