DMI Central Clearing House:TX They are trying to say if I send them 14.78 I will recieve a camera Carrollton, Texas - DMI central clearing

DMI central clearing
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December 28, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I got a letter in the mail marked in capitol letters with a red font saying urgent notification and on the left side it has the federal laws in regards to mail theft. I opened it and this supposed DMI company is trying to say I got a free camera a nippon 35mm focus free camera. I have not sent them any money and refuse to as I was suspicious of this and rightfully so. I didn't start getting these ackward scams in the mail until I did stuff with the publishers clearing house. This is the 3rd of its kind but from a different company name and different location. I want to know why all of a sudden I decided to try to win the publishers clearing house sweepstakes that out of nowhere I start receiving these scams. It seems to me someone leaked information that should not have been leaked. I bet over half of these other people filing against this and similar other companies have had some sort of participation with the Publishers Clearing House which is totally separate.

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September 19, 2013, Jcurious
DMI, CENTRAL CLEARING HOUSE, they are still at it, beware.

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