DMI Central Clearing House: TX Wanted me to send $13.78 plus $3.00 for this camera -

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December 23, 2011, Anonymous
United States

When I got this in the mail, it sounded a little too good for this camera. So I went online to see if anyone else had received something like I got. I sent back their request telling them what I thought of their offer and that I didn't mind spending the price of a stamp to tell them. My son is a police officer so he has taught me to be on the look-out for scammers. My paper said this was the full purchase price for all the merchandise offered. When I went online I saw where after one person sent in their money then DMI came back wanting more money for other parts and when it wasn't sent they didn't receive anything. Not even the camera they first sent the money in for. I'm a believer of If it sounds too Good To be true it generally is.

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August 29, 2017,
I received the exact same thing in the mail today. The only difference was the price went up to $19.79. I can inflation even affects scammers! I am so sick and tired of all this scamming shit. My name must be on a l ist somewhere. I want to dedicate my life to catching these people. They probably have no problem at all falling asleep at night when I cannot sleep because I am always worried about my finances. What can be done? I work very hard for my money. Now I am retired on a fixed income and this just makes me so angry. I am looking for so place to release my anger and working to stop them would be a good place to start. The world is bad enough today with all the terrorist but now we have to include scammers! Thank you.
July 30, 2015, beazee
I greatly appreciate your comment as I too have received this MAILER tactic for NIPPON camera equipment. It has now been filed as a bogus mailer and has been reported as such.
Thanks again.

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