DJ Ronnie B Productions, LLC RBB Entertainment LLC This guy is a horrible person! Big Time THIEF..takes advantage of people even people with medical c - DJ Ronnie

DJ Ronnie
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November 4, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I hired DJ Ronnie B Productions in April of 2010. After back and forth emails and phone calls...contacts STOPPED on Aug 6 2010. I sent email after email after email and still never heard anything. At the time of hiring him, he claimed to have DJs in Florida. Well he supposedly lived in West Palm Beach and was only 45 min away..He never showed for my wedding day nor return any calls or emails..and his number also got disconnected and website closed down. This is horrible that this PIECE OF CRAP can get away with this..I know there are many he has done this to. I was thankful to find a DJ , 2 mos before 10-10-10. I've read alot of information of how many people he has ripped off..Its becoming nauseating. Please HELP me get my refund of $350. Being unemployed and sick, I could really use this money! I WANT A FULL REFUND!!!! I will gladly pursue this all the way to small claims court, or whatever actions deemed necessary! Please help me get the information to pursue this!!

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