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November 12, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Last week I signed up to have Dish Satellite TV installed in my home. The man who took my order spelled my name wrong, my street address wrong, my town wrong and my zipcode wrong. I took a day off work so I would be home when the tech arrived to install the system. That day I received a call from the tech, he could not find my house. It turns out he was searching in a town that is ten hours away from where I live. He said he needed to look into the problem and would call me back. He never did. So I started calling Dish TV. I made a total of 10 calls, each time I was promised I would be called back and never was. Finally, after 3.5 hours of frustration and talking to every possible Dish rep, I was told installation would be this morning between 7am and 9am. I called back AGAIN to verify this, and spoke to a supervisor. She contacted dispatch and verified the time. I went to work last night, got home at 0200 this morning, woke up at 0700 to be available when the tech arrived, and guess what, no one showed up. I called, was told the installation time had been changed and I had not been informed. They had set up the time when I was unavailable and at work. NO APOLOGY WAS GIVEN. So I cancelled.

Next, I contacted Direct TV. I was upset, and told the man I had been treated badly by DISH and would appreciate honest and fair treatment. He promised me he would do just that, and also informed me that he frequently had customers call and complain about DISH. I then asked him if DIRECT tv provided local channels in my area. He promised me they did. I asked three more times during the conversation to verify this, and he promised they did. I then went through the long process of setting up an account and service date. After the conversation I called back AGAIN to verify I would be getting local channels. This second rep also verified this. I then found out that the man who had signed me up originally had lied about the final price I would be charged. This made me suspicious, so I called a friend who had Direct tv and she told me she did not have local channels. SO I called Direct TV back, and GUESS WHAT, no local channels. I spoke to a manager, wanted the man who lied to me originally to be reprimanded, no such luck. I cancelled that service too.

Now I have no TV. The local cable tv is terrible, just a few channels, very expensive, and very low quality. I am VERY ANGRY with both satellite companies for lying about price, channel availablity, and for letting me take time off work and NOT SHOW UP, and for the fact that I have now spent a total of 7.5 hours on the telephone trying to straighten this mess up.


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