dish network poor service not standing by there end of the contract get the run around on the phone then charged for early cancaletion Internet - dish network

dish network
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November 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

when signing up for dish network it was told to them i wanted a package that contained FX. 3weeks later dish drops FX? talking to dish agent was told any shows i wanted to watch i could go to apple and watch on my pc for free but still had to pay dish 80 dollars a month to not recive what i signed up for. next agent tells me i can drop done to 14.99 a month for just basic i say okay i well do that pay the 14.99 for the remander of my contract and just unhook dish and go to cable. next agent comes on and says he well not let me have 14.99 39.99 is the best he well do.i then tell them i am not getting the service i signed on for and can not get a stright answer from any agent just cancel. now there are taking 297.00 out of my acount for early canceltion talked with 2 deferent agents who both told me they would be mad as hell given the answers that ihad gotten but there was nothing could be done as i broke the contract told them that dish did not hold up there end of the contract with fair service and my contract alowed me to go to a lower package wich there agent denined me doing i offered to send over copys of every conversation with dish agents even offered to met them half way and split the 297 was told there was nothing i could. after that i said maybe i should get a lawyer to see whos right in this issue then was transfred to there legal department to Mike Cordovia 720-514-8555 ext 80921 who the told me there was nothing to be done i offered to send over a copy of all conversations with dish agents including when i tried to go to a lower pack he said he did not want them the 297 stands and the service i recieve good or bad does not give me reason to cancel did offer to use the 297 to reconect dish service said i well never take dish back at that was told the 297 stands have a good day.

looking to see if there are any law suits against dish where some on can use the emails i have of conversations with dish agents to show services provided by dish it would be pointless for me to pay lawer to go after 297 dollars. but maybe as a group we can put a stop to there bullsh*t or you can all ring Mike Cordovias phone of the hook with your complants just let him know where you got the #

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