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May 15, 2019, Dee
San Jose, United States

99% vietamise hire spanish workers for muscle. Hire vietamise family members to do little work. On assembly line have 2% african americanworkers go to ware house pull all labor while 99% Vietamise workers sit and laugh . manger has 2 sexual hassarsment write up he dates and buy expensive gifts for pretty young vietamise girls and hes married tge deoartment planner goes get drunk every day and night sonetimes dint make it to work the next day employees have to make up any job if its cleaning screws for 8 hours to get paid the bathrooms are very nasty vietamise worker spit and wash their face in cafateria. Health department i here been out to the comany 100times in 5 years. The company very unproffesional vitamise managers cant speak english non exoeriance workers wirk on out sourse pc boards break the boards the comany dont tell the customer they send the boards anyway customer sends them back 10.000 worth the company dont tell client they hide boards in ware house say they never recived the boards back from customer the boards are for tesla chargers. NSG Foxconn ooor quality work sendong out broken garbage.ZaEW5

Complaint comments:

May 15, 2019, Dee
Very unproffesional company treat minorties spanish africamerican like slaves low wadges company nasty dirty managers dont speak english 2 sexual harrasment on vitamise manager her flirt and use his power to be with the young girls. Poor quality work from client tesla pc boards for the chargers. For cars hide broken boards in ware house tell telsa they never recived them back from customer company needs investagating.

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