DirectTV Salesman lie and DirectTV will not stand behind them. DON'T SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THIS COMPANY Unknown, Alabama - DirectTV

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November 12, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Their Salesman promised us that the service would work 99.9% of the time regardless of weather. We had this service in the past and had not been happy due to weather related outages. We told him this and he promised that it had been improved and now worked 99.9% of the time regardless of weather conditions. We bought the service, and just as we feared, it doesn't work any time it storms or snows. We live in Minnesota, so this is pretty much a regular occurance. I have tried calling their customer service to resolve this and they are horrible. I have had three separate managers actually hang up on me! They refuse to stand behind the claims their sales person made and I have had over eight different people from their customer service department tell me that it is my problem that the sales man lied to me and they won't do anything about it. They say I can cancel, but I'll have to pay a $380.00 early termination fee. Do NOT sign a contract with this company. Their sales people lie to get you to sign up and then they hold you hostage with the early termination fee. I am stuck in a two year contract, paying almost $200 per month for a service that does not work a large portion of the time. If you sign up with them, when you have a problem, and you will have a problem sooner or later, their customer service managers are absolutely rude and won't help you. They all told me that it is my problem and not theirs and as far as they are concerned there is no issue, they can't control the weather. They don't care that their sales force is lying to people to get them signed up. They told me they'd send a service person out, but they can't get one out for a week. The whole thing is absolutely rediculous and I have never experience customer service this poor.

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