Direct TV Direct TV Customer Service = TERRIBLE. 2 HOURS to troubleshoot issue. UNBELIEVABLE. N/A, Colorado - Direct TV

Direct TV
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November 26, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Direct TV technical support (aka customer service representative) by the name of Theresa was the most rude and lippy person that has ever assisted me with troubleshooting an issue of the phone. The call took place today, 11/27, at 7:00 p.m. CDT. As frustrated as I was by the fact that it took about 1.5 hours of being on the phone with her, explaining the problem repeatedly, and receiving advice that absolutely made NO sense in terms of how to resolve the issue, she acted as if it were HER problem (not mine) and the more I insisted on speaking with someone with more experience who would better assist me, the more she gave me undeserved attitude. I have been a customer of Direct TV for 5 years and not only do I purchase satellite television, but I also am a regular subscriber of the NFL network. I was NOT impressed with the fact that I am paying this company an extraordinary amount of money per year for an employee of the company to treat me with such disrespect. I will never recommend Direct TV to anyone in the future. Maybe the CEO needs to take some extra time to go undercover again to find out how his customer service representatives are TRULY handling themselves over the phone.

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