Direct Health Partners Careington International Corporation medical care ripoff!!! charges large non disclosed, non refundable sign up fees even when - Direct Health Partners

Direct Health Partners
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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This company advertises that they provide medical discounts for a monthly fee. To see their program you have to give them enrollment information including your checking account information (that's ok because all funds are refunded if you are not satisfied, yeah right).

With so many employers not providing medical insurance, many families struggle to pay medical costs. Their advertisements say they can make big discounts in medical charges with their plan and save your family money.

I called for information and was told the service costs $59.00 a month through their 'convenient check drafting' program. They said there was an enrollment fee of $158 and that I would need to sign and return a form that would be sent to my email address. This was on the 8th of October. On October 10th, I called to cancel the plan and was told to send a letter. I did. On October 12th A charge for $79.00 hit my account and another for the same amount hit on the 26th, over 2 weeks after I told them I was not interested and requested my refund in full. Today I called to find out where my money was and they said they were going to keep $99.00. DO WHAT?? I never did sign their form but they still want to keep $99.00.

This company is a total ripoff. I have no intention of taking this matter sitting down. Please let me know if knowing up front stops you from enrolling. You will be glad you did. I would like for this to stop them from stealing at least $10,000. What part of "NO" do these thieves not understand?

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