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Direct Express Card
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November 28, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My Father passed away in Oct of 2010. I reported his death to the card company and let them know I was the executer of his estate and wished to make arrangements to withdraw the remaining money.
First I was told the Social security office needed to take it out. went to the local SS office who told me that it is not their place to recover money that is not theirs. Called them back and they told me that someone from another office would cal me backDid not happen Called again and I was told that a packet was being mailed to my house with instructions to get the money out. never got it after 10 days
I called back again.... They will send another one . Nothing
Called again and they told me that the SS office took the money SS told me they didn't
Called again and they could not tell me where the money went... but his account balance is now 0
Going to talk with the local congressman about this and file as many reports against this company that will scam a grieving daughter.

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