direct commerce academy direct commerce academy is a scam.they never tell u they will charge u $139.00 Internet - Direct Commerce Academy

Direct Commerce Academy
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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

i was on line and found a ad for a work from home business,when u click on the ad it said Rochester consumer i thought it was all ligit.So i pay the 2.99 fee start going throught the set up steps but every step they wanted money,so i didnt continue instead i i serched this company and found out that they are a scam and after a few days they charge 139.00 to your credit card.thank goodness for these sites that let you know they are scams.I just called the number to cancel the membership,and they kept trying to get me to pay the money,first they told me they could do a payment of 39.99,when i said no i want to cancel then they told me they could do monthly payments of 9.99 again i said no i want to cancel,the person then says well i just found this great promotion where u only have to pay 2.99 a month.again i said no.Finally they said it was canceld and i would get my cancilation email with in 24 hours.we will see im still going to the bank to change my debit card and account so i know they wont charge me.

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