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November 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I ordered DCA's internet based business program, paying only $2.97 for the initial application. The company is nothing more than a front for selling you a $40 per month web hosting site for your "new internet based company". Check, 1&, or any other web hosting service and you'll see what a ripoff this is. You will be offered many "free" ways of using the internet to start a business, all of which cost more money. You can find these same companies on the internet without going through DCA. The first problem is that the day following my sign up and payment of $2.97, I began receiving a minimum of 20 emails a day which were all spam. I know the spam email either originated from DCA or my address was sold or stolen because the username I signed up with on DCA is the name that was included in ALL the spam emails, and is a name I used nowhere else on the internet. Then today a charge of $138.67 was charged to the same credit card I used to pay DCA. This was a fraudulent charge posted as "EXCELPRO8004269694". When I called this 800 number to inquire about the charge, all I got was a recording that said "Call the talk line at 800-382-TALK for exciting people nationwide." Since I have never used this card on the internet before DCA's charge, it is obvious where the charge came from. This fraudulent site needs to be shut down by the attorney general in whatever state it is operating out of. And the sooner that is done the fewer people will be scammed.

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