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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

After working for a family owned business for almost 6 years, in the most hostile office enviroment I have ever worked in, I was fired by Carol Arceneaux Dellenbach because I would not put up with her mental, verbal & physical abuse.

She called me many names throughout the years, heartless, I will assume from now on you don't know anything. I had a cough one day, (choked on my water) she was so annoyed that she came into the office and threw a handfull of cough drops at me. She nailed me in the head.

She tried to get me to quit for months, which I would not do. I needed my job as my daughter lives with me and is very ill, as well as my grand-daughter from birth, because her father died 6 months before she was born and her mother did not want her and is in jail. I too have a degenerative muscle disease that is terribly painful and causes me to be extremely tired all the time. So as you see I could not afford to quit. Also stress causes my disease to be a lot worse. She didn't want to fire me because she did not want to pay unemployment after almost 6 years of doing an excellent job for this company.

Now that I am fired and receiving unemployment, Carol and her brother Mike who is the CEO will not allow my children to have their vehicles serviced in their shop. They purchased their vehicles from them, but now, just because I was fired from there my grown kids can not have their vehicles serviced there. All their records and warranty are on file their and they will not even mail them a copy of what has been done to their cars. They also need their warranty paper work to go else where.

Next stop General Motors to see what can be done. They go to church every Sunday too!!! Give money to all sorts of charities, but treat their help like crap. This family claims to be the ultimate family business. They care for all. They will rip you off any time they can get by with it. Remember you can't tell a book by it's cover. If I were you I would go else where for buying, or servicing my vehicle. BIG scam!!!!!

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