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November 16, 2010, Anonymous
United States

On 10-28-10 I ordered over the phone a pair of Chanel sunglasses, I gave them the item number and the color number and they confirmed my order. They charged my credit card $ 432.94 right away. When I received the glasses they were not the right ones; wrong color. They never came with an invoice, they don't provide that! You have to go on-line and print it yourself. There I saw they had the wrong color number. I called them back right away and they said that's what I orderded. I know what I wanted and what I ordered. They would not listen and keep blaming me. Spoke to the owner Tony Russo who's was really rude. Finally I told him I wanted the right color, He said no problem to send them back. (never did they tell me they were going to charge me 20% re-stocking fee). I called them again about my return, that's when I found out they never had my color. So I demanded my refund asap. My refund was $327.99. To my surprise when I printed an e-mail confirming my refund the order numbers were the ones I requested, they had the right order number and color number so they just picked the wrong item. They ripped me off of almost $100.00.

These people are rippoffs, they are really rude. They should not be in bussiness.

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