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Dazaray MC Photography
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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I found Dazaray MC Photography on Craigslist when I was looking for a wedding photographer. She offered me a great deal that was incredibly cheaper than any other photography service I had found. I took a look at her photos online and they looked great! Little did I know this was all too good to be true. When I called Dazaray she seemed nice but very unprofessional. She kept calling me hun and hunny and what not. Kept mentioning what a young bride I was. I'm 23 not a child. Anyway, I got everything set up for her to be my wedding photographer. I was to pay her through 3 separate payments. One payment of $250 to reserve my date, then $300 a few weeks before the wedding, then the rest after the wedding. Now this is where it starts getting interesting...She refused to take payment any other way except to have me deposit the money directly into her bank account! This screamed bad idea to me but I caved and decided to just jump and hope she was a decent person. So the first payment I made directly into her bank account then the second payment she allowed me to use PayPal. Now here comes the kicker, she texted me the night before my wedding at 11 pm at night to make sure we were still on. Then the next morning my wedding starts and guess what, she is nowhere to be found!!! She gave me some bull excuse that she got a flat tire on the way to my wedding. Now I understand that things happen but come on the lady could have simply gotten a new tire and continued on her merry way to my wedding so I could have at least had some pictures during the reception or something. But no instead she just simply went home. She texted me the next day saying that she was going to fully refund me my money. Great! I was releived to hear this. She told me that I needed to sign a paper stating that our original contract was now void and that she was refunding me my money. I gladly signed and mailed this back to her. Now lets fast forward a month. She tells me that she will be sending me a check in the mail for the $250 deposited directly into her account and that the $300 will be refunded on PayPal. I still have yet to receive either. So I disputed a claim on PayPal that I never received her services and wanted my money back. She gets mad at me and tells me that I am now in breach of contract because I did this and that the only way I will get my money now is if we go to court. Are you kidding me???!!! Pretty much in the end, I got screwed. I do plan on taking the necessary steps to get my money back and I know that she doesn't have a leg to stand on against me but this was just an extremely awful experience. Do not trust Dazaray MC Photography! She is extremely unproffessional and to be honest im doubting if she is even a real business or just a scam artist.

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