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Davita, IHS
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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

We need to take a proactive stance and combat this fight with being underpaid. We do not get paid overtime after 8 hours. They state "within a 40 hour work week if we go over the 40 hours thats overtime." According to the Labor Department they owe us alot of money!

Turnover should be within 45 minute intervals but at the unit they want it as fast as possible. This means you have no choice but to cut corners. Instead of rinsing back at 200 you need to rinse back at 250-300, instead of holding each site for 10 minutes you hold both sites for 2 minutes. check the BP and get that push up and moving out of their seat to put the next patient on.

This is not patient care this is an assembly line, and the patients feel the stress and anxiety but they are afraid of expressing themselves because they are afraid of retaliation that they have experienced from the past from some P.C.T's because of administration pressuring them to work faster.

This job should start at $45.000.00 a year but they down play the education required because they do not want to pay the amount that each and everyone of us deserve. We are dealing with the whole gammet of Hep A to C, TB, HIV, AIDS, exposed to needle stick injuries, bloodborne, and airbirne pathogens. Which leaves us extremely vulnerable in this very high risk environment each and everyday.

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