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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My Fianc and I saw an advertisement for a pickup in an auto buying magazine and decided to call the dealership to inquire about it. We arrived and started the purchasing process. The sales person assured us over the phone that they would make us a great deal on the vehicle. After we arrived they told us that the vehicle listed was a cash deal and that no lender would approve a loan for it because of the high mileage. We were quite upset because we called ahead and were never notified of this. When the finance manager came to the cubicle along with the sale's person, he advised us that our credit score was 653 and he had a vehicle he could finance us that was $150.00 more a month then what we had requested and at a whopping 14% interest rate. Previously on 10-31-2010 we ordered a credit report from FreeCreditReport.com and it was a 673. Our finances have not changed enough to make it spiral down almost 20 points. When we tried to discuss the issue with the finance manager he became rude and condescending. When we offered to show him our report he told us that we would not be able to make a deal and we should leave now. He also told us that the credit reporting agency that they used was Experian. When we asked about the first time buyer incentive programs, he told us he had no such programs unless we were college students. After the wonderful treatment we received we will not recommend Davis Chevrolet to anyone. We feel like they were trying to give us the shaft. After some research on the internet I believe that we were the victims of a credit scam as describe by the link below.

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