Darren Ambler: Stalker- Sex addict- Internet Abuser- Con Man/ NJ - Darren Ambler- Dating site Pervert- Sociopath- NJ

Darren Ambler- Dating site Pervert- Sociopath- NJ
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April 18, 2017, american-girl
NEW YORK NY, United States

Darren Ambler is a professional con man and liar. He portrays himself a kind gentle soul who is concerned about others and wouldn't hurt a fly. In reality "Darren Ambler" is a liar- con artist- selfish - controlling sex addict that stalks prey on dating and other social networking web sites. Darren is sick and perverted- very self-centered not concerned with anything or anyone, just his own sick lustful sexual desires.
Darren used me for sex only. He demanded sex and oral sex all of the time. No compassion- care- feelings nothing. Darren is a shallow- cold unfriendly uncaring creep. Darren would come to my place unexpectedly and strip nude and demand filthy sex. he loved to walk around nude. I don't know why??Darren Ambler has minus- 50 below the belt. A magnifying glass wouldn't help locating hi s"Manhood"! I saved every filthy text and e-mail the dirt ball ever sent to me.
Darren Ambler is divorced (no wonder- who could stand him). He is boring- ugly- no personality- he is cheap and obsessed with sex. Darren cheated on me while we were intimate. Then he would lie repeatedly about his other affairs. Darren is lousy in bed. He couldn't satisfy a women if he tried.
Darren is desperate and would screw anyone. Darren Ambler is a homely dud and he is threat to women in general. He uses and hurts women sexually with no remorse- or shame. Darren Ambler has no morals- scruples- class- social grace or shame for that matter. Darren is demented and he thinks he is right all of the time. Everyone else is crazy but him, which is typical sick sociopathic behavior. Darren is a con man- he manipulates weak vulnerable females into a sexual based relationship.
Darren has had sex with Prostitutes and women with questionable morals. Darren is very low class and can not make rational sensible decisions. Something is wrong with his brain. Probably brain damage from prior drug abuse. Darren Ambler is a former "DRUG ADDICT". Still exhibits drug addict behavior/. The lies- manipulation- lack of feelings etc.
Darren is so sick and twisted he carried on a dirty vulgar sexual affair with a 69 year old desperate old women. Darren is a sick vulgar perverted piece of garbage. A 39 year old man having sex with an old women. Very sick vulgar- and demented. Darren can probably con older vulnerable women more easily.
Stay away from this troubled sex addict. Darren was registered on as many as 42 dating and other social network sites at one time. Darren enjoys filthy sex and dirty talk. He has a split personality- lives a double life "so to speak".
God knows how many "PIGS" this scum bum has screwed. To date this sick person still denies his inappropriate- immoral behavior. Darren needs to grow up and act like a man - not like a 10 year old mamas boy.
Darren is 5ft 8 in- thick glasses- ugly- skinny body- no muscle- stringy blonde hair- deep set eyes- round shouldered- sex addicted- no personality. Darren Ambler stinks in bed- his tiny wee wee leaves much to be desired. Darren works as a pharmacist in New Jersey. This creep should not be working with the public. He is anti social and would come on to anyone. Darren is plain and simple "WAY OUT THERE" - "Tuned out"! BEWARE..stay away from his sex freak. If he solicits you report him to the web administrator or even the police. This homely sex addict psycho must be stopped.

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