Darren Ambler- Stalker- Psycho- Sex Addict- Paying Client for Sex: - Darren Ambler -Cherry Hill NJ

Darren Ambler -Cherry Hill NJ
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November 1, 2018, mrs brick
Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States

Darren Ambler has finally been exposed for what he is: He is in the state of mental psychosis. He is an unattractive insecure sex addict that has sought Prostitution services and female escorts for at least 3 years.

He is a liar that is doing everything in his power to claim he never engaged in this behavior. He is a lying Ugly wimp that infected 2 females probably more. No he is not a respectable daddy and hard worker but a Dr jeckyl- Mr Hyde Bi polar sex addict who lives in a drugged fantasy his entire life: The POLICE may be coming too see him soon : He can lie to Cops and go to jail for lying to law enforcement. I gave cops the proof required so arrest may be imminent. I am just one of the women he had a filthy sex affair with. He is a sick infected predator, BEWARE all FEMALES:

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