Darren Ambler: Sex Predator- Pervert- Sociopath: New Jersey: - Darren Scott Ambler

Darren Scott Ambler
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May 16, 2017, hot-heidi
Delran NJ, United States

Darren Ambler is a 39 year old sexual pervert- sociopath who suffers from a sex addiction as well as compulsive lying condition. Darren has split personality and obsessive control disorders (untreated):
Darren used to scope the Internet dating web sites in search of his next sexual prey. He would go after dumb- vulnerable lonely "Ugly Dogs" that were desperate for any man. If you can call Darren a man: I have been with him and he doesn't act like a man but like a scared wimp girl with no personality.
======================================================= Darren Ambler is a sick mentally ill con man who controls women through bad sex and mind games. He stinks in bed. Darren has minus ZERO below the belt and he is sick and perverted.
=========================================================Darren has screwed "Hookers" and a variety of questionable women with loose morals.......Darren is a low life sex addicted child like creep with no morals- scruples- breeding or class. He loves porno and sending dirty sex messages all day long to my cell.
Darren used me for sex and abused me.He cheated on me with some real PIGS which is what he is a Loser Pig!............
Darren Ambler is so vulgar and sick he carried on an illicit sexual affair with a 69 year old grandmother. What a sick and demented human being. Sex with an old women-This creep belongs in a mental hospital then jail.
BEWARE Darren Ambler may have STD's due to careless sex practices. He was obsessed with dating sites (registered on as many as 38)...........keep away from this selfish ugly creep.
Darren is 5ft 8 in - 135 pounds thick glasses- no personality- round shouldered- high pitched voice- horrible in bed- nothing below the belt but a tiny wee wee. He is cheap and will screw anyone at any time. Darren is a Pharmacist in NJ- The creep resides in Delran NJ. BEWARE- Do not become his next sexual victim. Fight back...Avoid this ugly creep at all costs..............His breath is rancid also.

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