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Darren Ambler- Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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November 12, 2018, Brooklyn-Heights
Washington, United States

In Reply to Post/Megan Christine Bentzley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Darren Ambler's Stalker

To anyone who reads this garbage. Megan Bentzley may have her faults. But posts such as this one are Garbage. A desperate attempt for Darren Ambler to con and manipulate any one who reads it that he is the poor victim being persecuted with false statements.

NO NO NO- I have read many posts about this con man Darren Ambler and they are factual. He knows the various posts make him look like the scum sleaze that he really is. Too Bad the truth hurts I guess. Darren pursued Megan Bentzley as he did the other "ladies" that he serviced. Darren enjoyed every minute of it.

Even if Megan has legal issues with another client that has nothing to do with Darren Ambler.. Darren Ambler was never defamed. He defamed himself. It is a red herring to get focus off of Darren and confuse readers. Darren Ambler willingly stalked and seduced probably hundreds of women. He is addicted to sex and drugs.

Now that he has been exposed big time he is suddenly turning from that big man he tried to be by screwing into a cry baby. No Darren Darling- you can not have it both ways. It is common knowledge you screwed numerous women. I know some came forward and I hope they fry your bony ass!!

Stop using others and their issues to make yourself look persecuted. It wont work any more. As far as posting info about Megan's legal issues and her mug shots.

From what I have read and heard you may have your very own 8x10 Extra Glossy Mug shots of yourself on display soon. Because these courageous women you humiliated are taking action against you. It will not be very hard to prove that Darren Ambler had direct ties to Megan and her Business. Darren serviced many clients willingly with great pleasure. Now he is crying wolf! He needs to grow up.

Darren can not play mind games or manipulate an intelligent Judge. I hope they fry that little liar creeper. Yeah- He has been bashing poor Megan saying she is "no good". Well what is Darren Ambler besides a "no good" Lying Sex Predator who needs a Personality. He is Repulsive and the scum of the earth.

Megan and others told me Darren's former wife jumped ship or took off. No wonder!!! Who in their right frame of mind could live with this idiotic poor excuse for a man?? No One!!! Obviously- that is all Darren Ambler can relate to are Hookers. What does that say about him and his being?? It would tell most people that he is a big time loser, with a very bad sexual disorder and drug abuse problem. I think i would want to be known for more than that in this world.

The Judge would laugh Darren Ambler out of the court room if he ever brought a defamation claim. No claim because what has been printed about Darren is all TRUE and he knows it.

The day Mr. Darren decided to live his life of secret sex and joining forces with Megan he knew it was risky but he did it any way. When you live this way you are risking your reputation every day of your life. Darren took the risk and he was exposed! Too bad- his own fault. A lot of people who know him ( mainly former clients) and know of him wish he would go away just vanish. Leave the rest of us alone!!!

Who could ever have any peace being associated with a true mental case psycho Darren Ambler.

Complaint comments:

November 30, 2018, Scapegoat_111
This alledged "BIG MAN" Darren Ambler is no man he is a coward wimp that is using Megan's legal issues to make himself look like the poor victim once again: Darren Ambler has No case against Megan- Never did- and never will. Everything that has been said or printed on line about this freak Ambler is 100% TRUE and ACCURATE and he knows it. So STOP the immature crap!

Screwing does not make YOU a man. In Darren's case nothing will ever make him a man. He is so spaced out and has no clue what LIFE is about. If Darren ever filed a slander or harassment case, he would be laughed out of the courtroom. After all this Psycho has done to others, I hope he would not have the nerve and waste his time filing any case. There is so much ammo out there that can be used against this degenerate liar. He couldn't win any case. The Judge would know within minutes tht Darren is a Psycho Liar refusing to take accountability for any of his actions. Courts have no time for Darren's kind except maybe to prosecute him. That would be worthwhile.
November 17, 2018, q-119sp
YEAH! Darren Ambler must do serious Jail time! He is a Narcissist/ Bi-Polar Prostitute. Used to be a Prostitute trainee when he and I first met. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to stare in his goofy face and smell his breath. It is awwwwwwfffull! It smells like baby poo poo and rotted trash. He is abusive and a pig. He grabbed my breast, tore off my panties and started beating me with a belt (something he learned in sex bondage class- Phila PA). Once he stripped, I couldn't see anything that identified him as a man, totally invisible. If Darren wants to be a full fledged respected Male Prostitute he will have to get a male organ transplant . Then, as others have said he needs serious cosmetic surgery and body replacement. I laughed at his anorexic looking body and his bugged out eyes hiding behind thick glasses. He got more angry and started choking me-calling me horrible names like whore- cunt etc. He has a filthy mouth and really hates women. He just uses them to satisfy his sick fantasies. I saw the sex and bondage video starring "Darren Ambler". Lets just say he will never make Hollywood. He should take at least another years worth of sexual instruction.

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