Darren Ambler: Sex abuser- sex addict- Sociopath- Liar: STD Carrier- NJ: - Darren Ambler

Darren Ambler
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August 12, 2017, psycho-39
delran, United States

Darren Ambler......aka....Darren Scott Ambler is a 40ish year old Sociopath- Liar- Manipulating- "UGLY" Con-man Sex addict- Former Drug addict and STD Carrier:
Darren Ambler is a mentally ill and manipulating con-man- "BEWARE"! Darren is divorced...He is addicted to the Internet and Sex dating web sites....He has used countless females for sex and porno acts...Darren Ambler has ZERO Morals- Class- Breeding- Manners and is a filthy PIG! Has no conscience and is a Pathological LIAR- Darren Ambler uses everyone and everything to his advantage!!
In Reality- Darren Ambler is a very sick demented lonely sex addicted creep! Darren has screwed Hookers and a variety of women with questionable Morality! Darren has iskc fetishes! He carried on a sick- vulgar sexual affair with a 68 year old senior citizen- Talk about sick! He performed oral sex on this old wome also....Darren is desperate and creepy - He would screw anyone out of necessity! His face leaves much to be desired! Darren is dangerous because he is an excellent LIAR!!! He wants sex and free lodging!!
The latest! This four eyed creep now is an STD Carrier....He gave at least one female an STD possibly more....This scum must be tested and isolated! BEWARE................He is an Internet stalker also! Very immature and irresponsible to say the least!
Darren Ambler is 5ft 8 in....skinny zero body- round shouldered- thick glasses- no class- UGLY! cheap! no muscle tone! Has a sick fettish to screw old women! Darren has ruined his own reputation.....He is mentally sick! But he thinks he is right all the time......He belongs in a mental hospital.....away from normal society! He loves nudity and vulgar sex! He is a big dork!
Darren Ambler resides in Delarn NJ (South Jersey)...He is a Pharmacist and works at Express Scripts- Florence NJ: He is sexually obsessed and filthy minded- very dangerous...HAS STD's and is listed on STD database on line..................BEWARE...Call authorities if he solicits sex from you!

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