Darren Ambler- Abuser- liar- sex addict- Cherry Hill New Jersey :40 yrs - Darren Ambler

Darren Ambler
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December 23, 2017, mon
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Darren Ambler is an 40 year old sexual abuser- pervert- sex addict- liar- con-man from Cherry Hill- New Jersey. Darren Ambler is homely and very anti-social. Darren thinks its cool being a player, playboy and engaging in a variety of secretive sexual affairs. He has low self esteem and virtually no personality. He uses and abuses females in a sexual way and refuses to take accountability for his immoral actions.
Darren Ambler is a con-man and would lie and manipulate anyone. Darren is a drug addict turned sex addict- sociopath. He has had sex with known prostitutes and a succession of low-life females desperate for a man. Darren Ambler is horrible in bed and his body is even a bigger turn off. His face and breath match one another "HORRIBLE"! Darren has no MORALS, STANDARDS, SOCIAL GRACE, CONSCIENCE OR FEELINGS. Darren lives in a world of SEX- ORAL SEX- PORNO and of course Denial.
This jerk can NEVER be trusted. Screwing and Pathological lying is his specialty. He is a real immoral Low-Life. Darren lied to me, cheated on me, forced me to take part in sick perverted sex acts. He made me get dressed one morning and refused to let me wear underwear. He has sick fetishes. He is sick. Darren Ambler forced a poor 69 year old women into a sex relationship.
Darren ambler is a sick- mentally deranged liar with a mommy complex. How dare he sleep with sluts and give me an std. I am battling two std 's because of this over-sexed freak. Darren is also an Internet abuser. LADIES- run the other way if you see this sex abusive pervert.
Darren Ambler- lives on Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill TWP NJ. He moved from Willingboro several months ago. He is certainly a no class loser with not an honest bone in his skinny body. This man has caused great havoc and pain for many women. Ladies- we must continue to expose this ABUSER.
Darren is a Pharmacist in New Jersey. He is just no good. Very unimpressive and dorky. The thick glasses and garbage breath are his trademarks.....BEWARE:

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June 22, 2018, Stentia
Yeah Baby! Expose these Sex Demons! I guess if your desperate enough you have to grab SEX wherever you can get it! ENJOY!

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