CVS Pharmacy Humiliated, Embarassed, and Belittled Me In Front Of Several Customers and Employees at their location in Hildebran, North Carolina - CVS Pharmacy

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December 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I want to say that my experience with the manager at the CVS Pharmacy was the most humiliating, embarrassing, and belittling public situation that I have ever endured. On December 7 2010 I went inside CVS Pharmacy in Hildebran, NC just like I have been doing now for the last 7 years. Usually I would go to the drive thru to pick up my medication, but there were a couple items I needed so I thought I would do a little shopping(God knows with their prices a person on a budget can't buy much at CVS).

It seemed as though everyone was glaring at me from the minute I walked in, but me being bi polar and being a person who has suffered anxiety attacks for the past 15 years, I thought I was just being paranoid. Of course the first thing I see when I walk in CVS is the cosmetic ailse. I got one of the carry along baskets besides getting a cart. Well I looked at all the make up and then some perfume caught my eye. I admit I took the small bottle of this perfume out of it's pack just so that I could smell it. This small bottle was $9. Then a gift set caught my eye. This gift set was only $5 more and the bottle of perfume was alot bigger.

Well to make a long story short, the manager approaches me. Every ailse he kept following me until I finally turned to him and said "Wow could you tell me if there is a problem?" And he replied, "Yes there is a problem, it's you, you need to leave this store. At this point I'm just standing there looking confused. I really didn't know what I had done wrong. The manager is getting really rude and continues to yell at me about getting out. Finally I am asked why that litttle bottle of perfume was not in it's package and before I could say that I just wanted to smell it this manager brushes into me with his big belly like he was pushing me.

First of all this manager is a man. He shouldn't be bullying a customer even if they are being accused of shop lifting. He has no right touching a customer, this kind of behavior from a manager is not tolerated. So in front of all the customers and employees of CVS here is the manager yelling at me to get out and that I best not ever come in that store again that he will have me arrested.

I guess I thought that a person who shop lifts goes into a store and tries to conceal merchandise in their pocket or pocket book with hopes they do not have to pay for these goods. But I didn't do anything like that. They didn't ask to see in my pocket book. This manager screams at me and humiliates me because I wanted to smell a certain kind of perfume before buying it. It just blows my mind to think at any given moment, a person like this manager is, can just embarrass and belittle a customer and there wasn't anything I could do but just leave. I feel like I need a chance to know my rights as a consumer and find out if what this manager did to me is appropriate.

If anyone has any opions on this please respond.

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