Cuisine Capital Partners LLC Gary Pryor Fraud, company has no capital, he has operated under a dozen companies in the past 10 years. Scottsdale, Arizo -

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November 17, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Gary Pryor has operated under numerous companies and through many deals in the past 10 years to include: • Cuisine Capital Partners LLC (AZ) • Pinnacle Corporate Finance Group LLC (WI) • Festive Foods LLC (WI) • PizzAmigo Brands LLC - original name of Festive Foods LLC (WI) • Festive Holdings LLC (WI) • Omega Alpha Fund • Damascus Fund • Simba • Chill Out Foods LLC • Pangea • And many others…. • His latest "deal" is Fastlane Retail Systems Inc. Best we can figure, his modus operandi is to hype a deal in any number of industries from restaurants to technology. When he gets investors to put in money, he takes whatever he wants as "expenses and salary" for he and his buddies and the deals eventually evaporate and he moves on to his next deal and next victims. He'll promise current investors a piece of the next deal to recover their money. Best estimate is that he's taken in millions and left investors with nothing but heartache. Check out his companies and you'll see that his wife, Rebecca, is usually the one named on the company formation to try to keep his name out of the spotlight. He owns homes in Paradise Valley, AZ, Waupaca, WI, and Telluride, AZ. Most likely they were bought with monies skimmed from his deals while investors were left holding the bag. Beware of this smooth talking con man. He likes to push his "Christian" faith as showing that he's a good person. He's involved his "church" buddies as accomplices in a number of his scams as well. Gary has ruined countless lives and needs to be stopped. Anyone that has any information on this person can contact us and we'll make sure the information gets in the hands of the proper authorities.

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January 8, 2015, PVPlayer
Watch yourself and your money. NOT a team player. He's as dirty as they get!!

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