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May 20, 2011, Anonymous
United States

What can I say about this guy!! On Febuary 5th I spoke with him and signed up for his service. The agreement we made was for 2000 dollars for a shelf corperation. With 599 for a credit builder and a 150 a month service fee. He was suppose to rasie 70k in unsecured credit. My dad who is a President of Lending for a international bank on wall street screamed at me saying the amount of money he stated on raising was impossible. Notheless I thought at least a company with a 80 payday 3 years I could reap tax benefits and atleast attain credit of 20k! I spoke with Mr Augustine for months I asked mr Augustine did he need anything from me he stated no everything was all set!! He stated that March 22nd he was sick and couldn't talk!! I asked him what happend he gave no answers !! He hasn't even had the courage to call me only text via email !! I asked him several times to give me answers he did nothing then I began to read all the horror storties about him on the net!! I asked for a refund he said ok guess what no refund. I asked him if he didn't have the money to refund send the corporations. I even went to offer him a truce and offered to pay for corps that he said that were transfered I'n my name!! I haven't received nothing. I stared to investigate Mr Augustine I found out that he has multiple lawsuits against him he lives In the hood of Miami and also lives I'n the hood of Trina dad!! All his numbers are false. See what mr Augustine doesnt know that I am a special police officer!! So I filed a lawsuit against him .How can you make a book about credit and can't get any credit lol. That's like owning Mcdonalds and can't make burgers lol. Stay away from him he couldn't even produce basic information. He has the nerve talk a out other people lol. If he can jerk a cop what will he do to you. Lol

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