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Craig Steven Gallagher
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November 26, 2010, Anonymous
United States

On Dec 27th 2007 Craig Gallgher was acting like the bully he is, he was talking shit and treating people like they did not matter, his girlfriend was there and he was trying to prove he is a man or something. So, Craig is at the end of the bar and two guys walk in "Tequila Bay" one little guy and one tall kinda big guy. Craig starts a fight with the little guy cause he dont know who they are and he wants to see if he can bully them as well. then he tries to bully the bigger guy and that guy wont have nothing to do with it. Next thing you know Craig is shoving this big guy and the big guy just grabs craig by the shirt collar and pulls him up in the air and looks him dead in the eye and says leave me and my friend alone or your gonna get the worst ass beaten you ever had. Craig was actualy scared and you could see it , but because his girlfriend was there he kept on pushing the big guy. so, here is the best part the big guy tells the bartenders to keep this moron away but they think its funny. the big guy then says to the little guy . LETS GO. so they walk outside. the bartenders then lock craig in the bar and he goes ape shit and starts throwing things at the door and going crazy . he was so wild that after 5 minutes they opened the door and let him out, he thought they had left but they where by there truck so he ran over there and swung on the big guy , the big guy ducked and hit gallgher so hard, i mean hard !! it was so cool this ass hole gallgher was so sure he would win... gallagher was out cold 1 hit.... he never got back to his feet... he crawled to his truck and that was it. I later heard that the bartenders and gallagher all lied and had the big guy arrested and sued.... but he did anyone and everyone in new port richey a favor. i heard that gallaghers girlfriend left him because she caught hom in bed with another man.... lexington homes owner is broke and a coward who should go to jail. he wont but rest assure some man gave gallagher an ass whoppen we are all proud of.

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