Coast to Coast came to my friends house where i was visiting & instead of fixing her windshield they started to take mine out which had no chips and c - Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast
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November 11, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I was sitting with my friends kids when coast to coast glass company showed up and one guy came and knocked on the door and said that he is here to change the windshield on my van. I told him that my fiiend was not home and that her car was gone too. I then noticed that another guy was already digging at the windshield of my car. I yelled at him to stop and told him that it was my car. He said he was sorry because it looked like the care they were supposed to fix.
My friend and I have the same color, make, and model cars they are a different year and of course different license plates. And most of all my had absolutely no windshield damage.
Later when I was driving home I noticed that my windshield started to crack a little on the edge where the guy was digging. the crack got bigger and bigger in a few days and I let my friend know what happened. She tried to get a hold of they for a few days and they did not respond. So my friends husband called and told them what happened and some other guy from the co. came out and looked at the glass and told me that it was a rockchip! and that they would not take responsibility for it!
my friend took the car to a different glass co. and they told us that the damage looks like someone tried to take the windshield out. she then called coast to coast again and told them what we had done and the manager still refused to change the windshield.
we then called the Sheriff who came out and said it was a civil matter of course but if the owner sees someone digging at their windshield like that, it doesn't matter what the glass co. thinks could've happened they are 100% liable because they should've checked the license plate before they started digging at the windshield.
Of course now I won't let them change the windshield even if they offer they can pay the company that does change it. I gave them a chance to fix they're mistake but they are liars and crooks and that is now way to do business.

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