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November 20, 2010, Anonymous
United States

i was an employee for a number of months of a local marketing company that was directly tied to c2c. the concept and business model is innovative and not the problem. the way they market there business is affective but where the model fails is the driving of sales. considering that were dealing with insurance companys fruad is always a concern,and personally mine. where they will and are failing is pushing the sales teams to push heavily on the side of replacement of the windshield insted of repairing it. even if the customer wishes to just get a repair the sales team is modivated by threat of termination for lack of numbers to get them to replace 100 out of 100 times. now about the out right fruad..reps tell people to replace there windshield for a "chip" which in industry standards is a pit or sand pit. this is where a tiny rock might have put a indent in the glass so small you wouldnt have noticed it untill a rep pointed it out buy sticking a pen in the glass. just ONE (1) in your glass is not a good reason for you to replace it or your insurance company to pay for the entire replacement of it .if your entire windshield is covered in them and you cant see, thats a different story. i understand not everyone operates on good judgement be it the reps or the customers but common sense has to prevail. instead of developing a company that was suscessful they just went for profitable. now insurance companys are looking at all glass shops with a close eye. so because of this i recomend you do this : if your insurance company sends your claim to an off line status for an INSPECTION its probly there way of sending you a red flag or warning you to consider your choice. someone approaching you face to face is how companys as old as KFC and as new as redbull have become suscessful so the business model isnt to be shunned. Anyone considering to work for a company that is tied to coast 2 coast auto glass should be worried about 2 things : am i willing to mis direct my moral compass? am i willing to be affilliated with a company that has the F.D.L.E (florida department of law enforcement!) investigating it? big reasoning for my quitting had to do with being told by the police that i was un welcome in wesley chapel ( tampa area) allllll the way to auberndale and bartow florida (lakeland) due to the ongoing investigations related to criminal activities. so this isnt just opinion based! good luck to you who decide to " roll the dice" and see what happens

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