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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Read complaints at the BBB... BE AWARE!! I signed up for their "30 days Satisfaction Guarantee". I ended the service on the day that the site listed as the next period.. and they refused to refund my money.. I took the issue to the Executive VP and he refused as well. Not only that but they charged me for the next 30 days and will not refund it... VERY BAD BUSINESS practice.. Before they would not refund my money, I was content to just say their service did not work for me... apparently it does not work for others as well.. Now, let me tell you what I learned while I was enrolled.. You can send emails to recruiters from their site... supposedly... What really happens is the email you write, goes into an "inbox" on their system and the recruiter has to sign in to get your email. Here is the problem, this is a passive way of reaching the recruiter... and why altimately I believe I did not get 1 response. How many emails do you think an average recruiter gets in a day? A TON!! So the Climber makes the recruiter go through one more step to retrieve ANOTHER email... for a job that they listed on Craigslist/Careerbuilder where they are already receiving an avalanche of responses!! (This was substantiated by their customer service person--(I won't use her name here)-- in an email to me when I was concerned about not recieving any responses.) As a bench mark, on other sites like the I was getting responses to almost everything I sent out. Lastly, if you do use this service-- which I highly recommend AGAINST-- do not fill out the "Professional Profile" piece. In my case it gave a VERY wrong profile, and they do not allow you to change it's outcome. This has an effect on your brand, and may cause people to view your information differently. They have ripped me off for $79.98--- The "30 days free" and the next 30 days that I will not be using because I cancelled the service.

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