clickbank Sold me a rogue ,fake, anti spyware program called Spydig which promised to remove a virus. They state a 60 day -
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November 4, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I searched for a removal tool for a virus I had, and landed on The online scanner on the website scanned my pc and detected the virus I knew off. In order to remove it I had to purchase the software for $29.95. After purchase I scanned the PC and saw a few detected viruses including the one I wanted to remove. When I click on the FIX key, it didn't remove it at all. I found out the spydig is a so called rogue or fake anti spyware program which does not remove nothing, in fact, it infects the PC even more. I was not satisfied with the program so I emailed spydig for a refund, since they promised a 60 day money back guarantee. They never replied. On my Paypal account I saw that the transaction was made to I tried to dispute the transaction but paypal denied it. Don't do any business with, they are scammers and thieves. has a physical address and a fax number, but no telephone number.

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