Chris Berry Threatened me with jail over an internet loan that does not exist. Cleveland, Mississippi - Chris Berry

Chris Berry
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November 23, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My neighbor contacted me today telling me that someone with an American name and foreign accent called her. This person called himself Steve Lee, and told her that numerous calls had been made to me to advise me of criminal charges filed against me due to an unpaid internet loan. I called the number, spoke with someone definitely foreign with the name Chris Berry. He told me that on Monday, the local sheriff's department would pick me up and put me in jail due to an unpaid internet loan. He gave me the name of the internet site, which was his undoing. I called the site, who promptly told me I did NOT have an account with them, and put me in touch with their Fraud Dept. This is obviously an ongoing issue with the same people. How can they be stopped? They even threatened my neighbor with the same charges. This is totally ridiculous and outrageous. Furthermore, it's completely offensive that these obviously foreign guys are using American names doing illegal actions.

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