cheaptickets accessamerica charged for travel insurance by default los angeles, Internet - cheaptickets

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December 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I purchased hotel and car rental through Cheaptickets.
I did not select additional car insurance because my homeowners policy takes care of that. The next day, I checked my credit card statement on-line.
There was a charge of $19.50 for Travel Insurance from AccessAmerica.
After searching 10 minutes for a Cheaptickets phone number, I finally got a live person on the phone. Cheaptickets then
had to conference in AssessAmerica, who finally refunded the money ... they had the nerve to ask me if I would take a 3 minute survey. The encounter took over 15 minutes on the phone.
Yes, they reversed the charge, but it was such a tremendous waste of my time.
The b*tards ...
They wasted my time on purpose ...

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